No one else does this...

No one else does

...because no one else can.

no one else can.

50 years

of dedicated in-house scientific research by Interchange think-tank team members, on a comprehensive theory of change and intervention in nature and in human affairs

45 years

of development of the practical Minimalist Intervention technology—applications ranging from clinical psychotherapy to international relations and corporate transformation

40 years

since the first formal academic presentation of the core theory behind Minimalist Intervention (dissertation, MSc conferred with distinction, University of Oxford)

40 years

of the think-tank, dedicated to developing applications of our scientific work to the world of affairs, initially in the arena of international relations, and since 1985 in organizations

35 years

in the C-suite of major corporations and of public-sector and third-sector organizations, serving chief executives and boards on both sides of the Atlantic (US & UK from 1985)

35 years

since the foundation of Interchange Research and its commercial arm Interchange Associates in their present form, licensing access to our proprietary Minimalist Intervention technology

35 years

since the first formal recognition by the scientific community of the significance of our work on Minimalist Intervention as a contribution to the field of cybernetics

30 years

since first public recognition in print by the business world of the importance of the Minimalist Intervention technology (The Economist special report, January 1990)

25 years

since publication (Brunel University) of the General Theory of Intervention on which Minimalist Intervention is based, with formal recognition of its significant contribution to science

25 years

since the successful conclusion of Interchange’s 10-year R&D programme, and the launch of Minimalist Intervention 1.0 as a commercially-licensed finished product