The Interchange Research scientific think-tank has been working exclusively in partnership with CEOs and boards for the past 35 years in creating permanent, across-the-board corporate transformations extremely fast through the minimum necessary actions—enabling decision-makers to reach ambitious targets.

Interchange uniquely enables corporate decision makers to catalyze major, across-the-board change that sticks, completing permanent real-world transformations in days or weeks that would otherwise have taken months or years, or which would have been thought impossible to achieve at all.

Swiftly filtering complexity, our proprietary scientific methodology reveals otherwise invisible options, and enables decision makers to tap vast, unsuspected reserves of value through precisely pinpointed, custom-designed, risk-free catalytic actions. Sustainable, across-the-board transformations, even in such notoriously difficult areas as corporate culture, are rapidly and reliably secured—not by programmatic, gradual steps over time but all at once, in predictable leaps and bounds, enabling decision makers to underpin and effortlessly accelerate the growth of their P&L.

Transformations that CEOs had previously been reliably advised—by numerous leading experts from top management consultancies—would take years to achieve at a cost of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars or more, were instead catalyzed overnight and were achieved, with precision, in an all-or-none flip within days or weeks, typically at nil marginal cost.

Led by Oxford philosopher and scientist Dr James Wilk, Interchange has developed its revolutionary, proprietary scientific methodology, known as “Minimalist Intervention,” through some hundreds of man-years of dedicated, groundbreaking, in-house scientific research on change over the course of half a century.

The Interchange team’s decades-long scientific quest began 50 years ago with the search for a way to identify, predictably, the smallest intervention into any system that will trigger an all-or-none flip from the existing state of the system to some specific desired state and no other, all at once, with nothing in between, and with absolute precision.

Our scientific work on change and Minimalist Intervention has twice been awarded formal academic recognition by the scientific community as having made a significant contribution to knowledge. Our applied work in the C-suite has been featured in Forbes, Wired, and The Economist, which as early as thirty years ago, in a special report, singled out our think-tank for detailed profiling, alongside McKinsey and six other firms (out of a field of around 20,000, by their estimate), as one the world’s eight most advanced groups with expertise in transforming corporate culture—the firms, they said, “whom consultants consult,” and “who may be judged to have started something,” and representing “the most challenging thinking on corporate culture” anywhere. And that was just the beginning.

Grounded in a radical new epistemology, Minimalist Intervention—a technology which today remains several decades ahead of anything else out there—has been perfected, refined, and extensively tried and tested on thousands of the very biggest challenges throughout more than four decades of R&D and professional practice.

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