Enabling decision-makers to create permanent, desired change very, very fast.

For half a century, Interchange Research, a distinguished, independent scientific research enterprise, has been devoted to the study of ‘directiveness’ in nature and in human affairs. The rigorous study of these natural phenomena—including change, control, intervention, ontogenesis, evolution, adaptation, purpose and design—has given rise to powerful new scientific concepts and methods of analysis.

What is more, out of this highly abstract and technical scientific research have come breakthroughs not only in theory but in practice. New empirical methods of investigation and analysis have been devised to achieve dramatic results in the world of affairs.

Our unique, proprietary technology, Minimalist Intervention, enables the complexity of even the most challenging practical situations to be rapidly filtered to reveal, in each case, a rich field of latent possibilities—possibilities that had previously been obscured by tacit assumptions and blurry abstractions.

The analysis then pinpoints one or more small, catalytic actions that can be taken immediately, that are sufficient to trigger, reliably, an all-or-none transformation from the existing state-of-affairs to the desired state-of-affairs.

The upshot is that major change can be achieved in far less time (days or weeks rather than months or years), with greater precision, at much lower cost, with less resistance, and with far less risk than conventional wisdom currently leads everyone to suppose.